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Escali Arti 157PB Glass Digital Scale – Review

Last Updated: 06.12.21



Main technical features


The highly accurate pressure sensors used to measure the weight guarantee an outstanding precision of 0.1 ounces (1 gram). The scale is known for this, and for its sleek, elegant design with included touch-sensitive controls.

A tare and hold feature is added, too. This reliable electronic scale requires two CR2032 button batteries to operate, which are included in the package; furthermore, it is factory fitted with a low battery indicator which tells you when the time has come to get new ones for the scale.


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In-depth information


One of the most popular choices when it comes to nutrition scales, this product features an ultra slim and modern design, which makes it look great on any kitchen table.

The reduced size and weight provide for secure storage when not in use, and the simple to clean glass surface makes it a low maintenance item. It is available in multiple solid color options, and new metallic paints have been used for it.

Featuring both liquid and dry measuring, the gadget displays results in 5 units: fluid ounces and milliliters for volume as well as grams, ounces, and pounds for weight. The LCD screen is easy to read thanks to its larger size, convenient positioning between the controls and big font.

This, together with the very accurate pressure sensors used for this product will give you the confidence that the ingredients are measured with high precision every time you prepare yourself something to eat using this quality nutrition scale.

The Escali Primo food scale for portion control is included with this scale. It can be used to portion meals when you are on a diet, enabling you to obtain better weight loss results. The database is consistent, including conventional foods used for menus.

Other useful functions include the tare feature, which allows you to clear the weight of the container you are weighing the ingredients in, and a display hold feature which enables you to weigh oversized objects.

Both options are easy to use. The durable surface gives it a maximum loading capacity of 15 pounds or approximately 7 kilograms, more than enough for everyday needs. If you have to weigh something more significant, you can use the Hold function to get an accurate measurement.

It operates by using two CR2032 batteries. The low battery indicator tells you when the time has come to change them, so you do not have to worry about this aspect. Accompanied by a lifetime warranty protection against defects in material and craft, it is reliable, too.

Known issues


The buttons are placed on the top surface, which might cause significant measuring errors if you press them – the scale will read the pressure applied by your fingers. The solution is to tap them lightly.

Otherwise, it is hard to obtain good readings. There are also problems with zeroing out, caused by the touch buttons which can, at times, be less responsive and require additional taps which in turn alter the quality of the measurement.


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