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Celestron 71198 Cometron Review

Last Updated: 06.12.21

Main technical features


You will find these binoculars to offer outstanding quality for the price, as their large 50mm objective lenses will manage to gather enough light to ensure that the image you see is bright and clear.

Another thing that improves the overall image quality is the multi-coatings applied to the optics that provide a light transmission that is not generally found on models so decently priced.

It is ideal for both daytime and nighttime viewing, due to the large exit pupil present.

The housing is made from durable aluminum that, at the same time, is lightweight, and allows you to hold the binoculars for a long time without straining your hands.

You will receive handy extras such as a neck strap, as well as a carrying case, that both make the binoculars portable and convenient.


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In-depth information


The Celestron 71198 Cometron is a model considered ideal by those in love with watching the celestial objects in the night sky. While you might not expect a model in this price range to be capable of helping you watch the stars, this is exactly what this unit does. A lot of users agree with the purpose for which these binoculars are created, and that is what they are using them for.

One thing you will notice about them is that they offer an incredible field of view. Such a feature is paramount for binoculars intended for night sky viewing, and this unit will not let you down. You will be able to examine the celestial bodies above by sweeping the sky without experiencing the usual artifacts and blurring associated with this type of activity. You can even see the craters on the Moon, which says something about the capabilities of this model.

If comfort is paramount for you, here are some aspects of this model that will convince you that it is the right pair for your stargazing sessions. For starters, it comes with a neck strap, so moving around with the binoculars around your neck is secure and will let your hands free. Another thing you should know is that this unit is tripod adaptable. You will have to purchase the tripod separately, but, otherwise, you will be able to use the binoculars without straining your hands. A carrying case is also provided.

Sleek and easy to carry around, the binoculars justify their price tag and more. Users don’t usually ask for such outstanding performance in a pair of binoculars priced under 50 dollars, so the fact that this model offers such a thing is more than just a pleasant surprise. You will receive your money’s worth and more if you decide that this is the model you want to buy.

Known Issues


One thing that users don’t seem to be crazy about is the fact that the lens caps are individual. Users say that they expect the caps to get lost in due time.

The focus adjustment could be better, but many buyers say that they can live with a few glitches, given the price.


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