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10 Best Fujinon Binoculars Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 29.11.21


Best Fujinon Binocular Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide

If you are looking for the best Fujinon binoculars, but so far you haven’t made a decision, we are here to lend you a helping hand. In this short paragraph, you will learn about the model that our researchers deem the most recommended pick so that you don’t have to read our complete guide in case you’re too pressed for time. The Fujinon Techno Stabi TS1440-14×40 Binocular is the product we’re talking about, and its superior features speak for themselves. With 5-degree stabilization, this pair of binoculars makes it easy for you to get a perfect picture without the common shakiness that comes with higher magnification levels. You will love the rugged body that allows for a steady grip and alleviates damage in case you drop the binoculars by accident. The phase coated lenses make these binoculars an ideal choice all around. If this model is out of stock, we have another recommendation: the Fujinon Polaris 10×50 Binocular.



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10 Best Fujinon Binoculars (Updated Reviews) in 2021



When you go shopping for a pair of binoculars, you may feel overwhelmed by the offers available. By reading the many Fujinon binoculars reviews, you can tell that this brand stands head and shoulders above the competition. We want to help you get an excellent deal, which is why we present you with the following list of superior products.



1. Fujinon Techno Stabi TS1440-14×40 Binocular


This model from Fujinon has a 14x magnification, which means that you will be able to bring close to your eyes images that are at impressive distances from your location. That automatically means that you must have some stabilization features in place, and this is where this model stands out. As far as Fujinon stabilized binoculars go, this pair delivers to expectations and beyond.

You will get 5-degree stabilization, which means that you will not have to deal with the usual problems associated with superior magnification levels. That means that you will be able to lock the view on a target without experiencing shakiness or other mishaps.

The body is made from durable plastic reinforced with fiberglass, so you can expect this model to last for a long time. Waterproof and fog proof, it can be used when you go fishing and whale watching. The stabilization features truly come in handy on fishing vessels that cannot offer stability for viewing.



Equipped with center focus, these binoculars are convenient to use and allow easy adjustments without any guessing work on your part.

As far as waterproof performance is concerned, this model goes beyond the call of duty and ensures that you get fog-free image performance, as well.

The optics is phase-coated and offers the kind of performance you would expect from a pair of Fujinon binoculars in terms of image clarity and light transmission.

Its 5-degree vertical stabilization eliminates shakiness and inconsistent results when you test the performance of these binoculars at long distances.

The reinforced body is rugged and can withstand a lot of wear and tear, which is why many people prefer this model over others.



The protective case doesn’t appear to be of the same quality as the binoculars, but it does its job, and that might not be a breaking point for you.

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2. Fujinon Polaris 10×50 Binocular


One great thing about Fujinon is that it always strives to meet the needs of multiple categories of consumers, without ever sacrificing quality. This pair is an excellent example of the dedication of this brand to provide performance at a reasonable price. The Porro Prism design of the optics ensures that you will get superior image quality.

To eliminate edge distortion, the pair comes equipped with field flattener lenses that are designed in such a manner that you won’t observe the usual artifacts that may appear along the edges. Like many other Fujinon products, these binoculars are waterproof, and this means that they can face a wide variety of conditions without issues.

Marine industry magazines often praise this particular model for its superior optics and waterproof performance. Also, it must be noted that this pair offers excellent value for the price. You can adjust the focus for each lens separately.



One of the things you need to remember about this model is that its field flattener lenses offer perfect image quality from edge to edge, something not many other binoculars can brag about.

You may appreciate the fact that you can adjust the eyepieces individually, as that will let you customize the way you use your binoculars.

The overall optics quality is superior, and the binoculars have a Porro Prism optical design, another thing considered a plus by many consumers.

In terms of waterproof performance, these binoculars offer excellent results, and that is the reason why many marine magazines consider them a superior choice for people working in related industries.

With superior light transmission ensured by the patented EBC coating, the lenses on these binoculars are sure to deliver excellent image quality.



Make sure that you always align the eyepieces, or else you might get some slight chromatic aberration.

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3. Fujinon 16×70 FMT-SX Polaris Binocular


One look at the specs of this pair of binoculars, and you will be impressed. The 16x magnification is superior to many models on the market, which means that you can use them for many different purposes, including astronomy. The 70mm lenses are large enough to ensure proper light gathering for a bright and clear picture.

That is not all. The Porro Prism design and the unique EBC coating applied to the lenses make sure that you will get image performance that is far from typical, especially in binoculars that are as decently priced as this pair.

You will also like that this model comes along with a series of extras that will come in handy. For instance, the manufacturer provides lens covers so that you can protect the optics when you don’t use the binoculars. Also, the rainguard is a nice touch, while the case and the strap are convenient, too.



With an overall brightness of 95%, it is clear that these binoculars can offer a full visible spectrum, which, in other words, means that the image you will observe through your binoculars is bright and clear.

It must be said that this model belongs to a series addressed to professionals working in marine-related industries and fishing, hence the overall excellent quality.

The rugged body ensures that you won’t risk dropping the binoculars by accident, and that also, they will resist a lot of wear and tear without complaints.

Equipped with field flattener lenses, these binoculars offer edge to edge distortion-free image quality.

You will receive several convenient extras with your purchase, such as a rainguard, a case, covers for the lenses, and a strap.



You will have to get a tripod for these binoculars, as they are bulky and heavy, which is pretty much expected from a pair that can be successfully used for astronomy.

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4. Fujinon Polaris 7×50 FMT-SX Binocular


Not all the models made by Fujinon come with superior magnification power, as not everyone has a use for such a feature. In case you’re looking for some Fujinon binoculars 7×50, you will be pleased with this model. Easy to hold compared to other models made by the same manufacturer, it is a more compact pair of binoculars that will help you explore your surroundings to your heart’s content.

The same unique EBC coated you can find in other Fujinon products is present on the lenses that equip this model. This coating ensures that you get excellent light transmission so that the image you observe is bright and clear. Furthermore, the Porro Prism design adds value to the internal architecture of these binoculars.

Another thing that you will find in this model and is present in the top-notch products made by Fujinon is the field flattener lenses that ensure distortion-free performance.



95% or better light transmission is ensured by the patented EBC coating that is applied to the lenses for superior image performance.

Furthermore, the field flattener lenses provide an image free of distortions from edge to edge, something you usually get in much more expensive binoculars.

You can adjust the lenses individually, and get great freedom in how you can customize the way you use your binoculars.

Don’t be surprised to learn that these binoculars are also waterproof so that you can use them in any weather conditions.

These binoculars offer superior optics and high performance when used in harsh environments, which is why many marine industry magazines highly recommend them to anyone who wants a high-quality product.



Bear in mind that these binoculars tend to be quite heavy, and if you hold them for a long time, your arms will hurt.

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5. Fujinon Mariner 7×50 WPC-XL Binocular


There are plenty of things to like about the Mariner, starting with the fact that, unlike other Fujinon products that are notoriously heavy due to the metal hardware used, this one is quite lightweight and easy to use. Due to the 7x magnification and 50mm lenses, they are not as bulky as others, so it will be a pleasure to use them when you go boating or fishing.

It is clear as day why Fujinon gave this model the name Mariner. Besides the waterproof performance that is amazing, as many people have come to expect from this brand, it also comes with a floating strap, which makes it impossible for you to lose the binoculars by accident.

Another great thing about this model is that it comes with fully-coated optics to ensure that you get a bright, beautiful image. The long eye relief is a great plus for people who wear prescription glasses.



You will get some pretty neat features with this pair that are all intended for marine use, such as a world compass and reticle display.

Even more, if you intend to go fishing at the break of dawn or boating in the evening, the built-in LED light will surely come in handy.

You will receive a neck strap that can float, and that will prevent the loss of your binoculars by accidentally dropping them in the water.

As expected from a model called Mariner, its waterproof performance is excellent, and you will be pleased with its ability to behave impeccably in any weather.

Objective caps and a dual piece cap are also provided as accessories.



You will not get a case with your purchase, which might be expected for a budget pair of marine binoculars.

The floating neck strap, while a good idea to avoid losing your binoculars, can feel a little cumbersome.

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6. FUJINON Techno-Stabi 16X28 Binoculars


When you work with binoculars that come with superior magnification, one issue that will trouble you right away is the shakiness associated with trying to view things at large distances. In this case, this 16x model from Fujinon comes with stabilization features that eliminate such problems so that you can enjoy superior performance all the time.

Its vibration canceler is one of the first things among the specs that will offer you the ability to get a stable field of view. The 3-degree correction for had movement works for the whole magnification range, so even at 16x, you will still get a stable image.

In low light conditions, you will notice that the binoculars still behave beautifully and deliver superior image quality, due to the multi-coated optics designed with this purpose in mind. If you don’t mind it, you can use these binoculars without a tripod, as the image stabilization features compensate for the need for one.



These binoculars come equipped with multi-coated optics, which means that you will get high contrast and bright image quality, even when lighting conditions are less than ideal.

You will like the 3-degree correction for hand movement that is present on this model, as you won’t experience the same image shakiness associated with superior magnification power.

Whether you use these binoculars in a moving vessel or on the ground, you will find its vibration canceler to do an excellent job,

On batteries, the model can function for 12 hours, although the performance can be affected when the temperatures drop considerably.

You will find these binoculars to be very versatile and useful when you want to watch sports or concerts, for bird watching, and, of course, marine use.



Seeing how these 16x binoculars are on the bulky side, you should use a tripod, which is not included with your purchase and must be bought separately.

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7. Fujinon Mariner 7×50 WP-XL Binocular


Another option from the Mariner line that makes it to our list, this 7x model is ideal for people who want something that is not bulky and provides the same image quality as other Fujinon products. The great thing about this model is its decent pricing. You will get an optimal product for marine use without having to pay a premium fee, and that, under the conditions of getting superior performance all around.

The waterproof capabilities of this model are outstanding, and nothing bad will happen to it even when you drop it in water, as long as you use the provided floating strap.

You will like that the fully-coated optics provides clear image quality and also that the eye relief is 18mm, much more than what you usually see in other models. A built-in LED light adds value to an already great product that you will love to take with you on your trips.



You will love the dedicated marine features on this model, such as the compass and reticle display that are easy to see through the left lens.

In case you want to use the binoculars after dark, you can do so as the available nightlight will make it possible for you to see what you are looking at.

Due to its improved design over other models created by Fujinon in the past, the electrical interferences are significantly reduced so that the compass is not affected.

Because of the closed-cell foam neck strap, the binoculars will float in water, and you won’t be able to lose them.

There is a 5-year warranty offered with your purchase, which means that you can rest assured of the overall outstanding quality of this model.



To make sure you don’t lose them in water, you need to use the provided strap all the time, which can be a little annoying.

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8. Fujinon Polaris 16×70 FMT Binocular


What are you looking for in a pair of binoculars? If it is superior magnification power, this pair will offer it. If it is edge to edge distortion-free image quality, again, you will find it in this model. There are many other reasons why this pair from Fujinon is so great, as you will learn right away.

Ideal for marine use, these binoculars are 100% waterproof, and they easily outperform many other models on the market, as the attention to detail is outstanding. As you may well expect from such a reputable brand, the optics quality is top-notch.

That happens because of the unique EBC coating applied to the lenses, which increases light transmission to 95% and beyond. In layman terms, these binoculars are capable of showing you a bright clear image even in less than ideal lighting conditions. The individual focus adjustments may be to some people’s liking.



Highly praised by marine industry magazines, these binoculars offer excellent waterproof performance, and they can face any harsh weather conditions without a problem.

Due to the patented EBC coating, you can expect superior light transmission in these binoculars, as they can provide 95% or more.

Also, the field flattener lenses increase sharpness edge to edge so that you don’t experience any distortion across your field of view.

Equipped with Porro Prism optics, this pair of binoculars is seen as an excellent option if you want more than decent image performance.

You will get the ability to adjust each eyepiece individually, which can be considered a plus, as well.



These binoculars are expensive, so expect to spend a pretty penny if you decide to get them.

For the price, the fact that there is still a bit of chromatic aberration present can be considered a drawback.

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9. Fujifilm KF 8×42 Binocular


Another series that has always been a hit with binocular users everywhere is KF. Part of this series, the Fujifilm KF 8×42 Binocular is ideal for anyone who wants a pair of portable binoculars, without caring much about fancy features. In other words, it is an excellent example of what this brand can do for people who consider themselves beginners, amateurs, or advanced users.

That said, compared to other Fujinon models, these are lightweight, but they don’t sacrifice any of the well-known optics quality of such products. The optics is phase-coated and multi-coated, thus ensuring that the image quality you get is the clearest and brightest you can get.

Equipped with center focus, the binoculars are easy to adjust. Also, they are waterproof, which means that you can take them with you anywhere you go, regardless of weather conditions. Another thing you will surely like about this model is that it’s made with eco-glass.



These binoculars are lightweight, compared to other binoculars from Fujinon, and that makes them portable and easy to carry around.

Due to the fully multi-coated optics, you will enjoy excellent image performance, even in low light conditions.

You can take these binoculars with you when you go hiking, bird watching, boating, and so on because the waterproof capabilities are truly exceptional, and weather conditions won’t affect them.

Users receive a limited lifetime warranty with these binoculars, which means that they are designed to sustain a lot of wear and tear.

The eco-glass used for this pair ensures that the lenses are free of toxins and, therefore, not a threat to the environment.



At the edge of the field of view, you might observe a little chromatic aberration, which is a downside.

The sharp transmission is not consistent, and it decreases toward the center.

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10. Fujinon Techno-Stabi TS12x28 Binocular


These high-powered binoculars are ideal for anyone who wants to be able to cover large distances while remaining concealed. The 12x magnification is not something you can usually find on any binoculars, and, to make sure that you get the most from them, the manufacturer also thought about employing stabilization features that eliminate the usual shakiness associated with high magnification.

You can use this model for terrestrial viewing, when boating, or even when you are in the air. Its 3-degree vibration correction is what makes it so popular with buyers everywhere, and you will love how compact and easy to hold it is.

As expected from Fujinon, the optics quality is superior. The lenses are fully multi-coated to offer high contrast and brightness, allowing you to use the binoculars in various light conditions. You will love that these binoculars are compact and ergonomic and won’t strain your arms while using them.



With a vibration correction of 3 degrees, this model allows you to use its highest magnification values without the usual image shakiness.

Because they are ergonomic and lightweight, you can hold them for a long time without experiencing the usual problems, such as arm fatigue.

Another plus is the long battery life that allows you to use the binoculars for up to 12 hours without interruptions.

When you need to focus, make use of the center focus wheel that is conveniently placed and easy to access.

Overall optics quality is superior, due to the fully multi-coated lenses that offer a bright, sharp picture, even in low light conditions.



Instructions on how to adjust the binoculars are iffy, and you might have to search for additional advice.

They are not well protected to repel dust and water, so extra care when handling them is required.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


If you want a pair of Fujinon binoculars, then you may well know of the excellent reputation this brand enjoys. One of the greatest things about it is that it offers a wide variety of products, a good fit for different tastes and budgets. However, that also means that there are many Fujinon products to choose from, and that could become a problem for the person trying to select one. Here are some criteria for picking the right pair for your needs.



Magnification power and stabilization technologies

While many manufacturers prefer to opt for medium magnification power when they offer products intended for a broad audience, Fujinon makes the difference and provides high-powered models to those who need them. The optics offered are usually outstanding, so we will focus on those things that can differentiate various models made by Fujinon.

Its high-powered binoculars are often equipped with image stabilization features. That means that you can enjoy the advantages of a high magnification without the issues that come with it. While you would have to use a tripod to eliminate shakiness, Fujinon equips some of its best models with vibration cancelers and corrects hand movement so that you can view the image unhindered. Any Fujinon binoculars review for such a model will point this out.


Waterproof or water-resistant?

Another thing Fujinon is known for is how well its products behave in wet environments. Marine magazines often list such binoculars as being among the best and for all the right reasons. Fujinon even has a series called Mariner dedicated to such purposes, and, whenever you’re on the water, you should think about getting this kind of binoculars.

However, it should be mentioned that some models are 100% waterproof and fog proof, while others are just water-resistant. It depends on you which ones you want to get depending on what conditions you will face. Really cheap Fujinon binoculars may only be water-resistant. Still, it is worth saying that, compared to other brands, Fujinon manages to offer superior quality.


How big is your budget?

Maybe you want to get a pair of affordable Fujinon binoculars since you are shopping on a budget. That means that you should focus on a model with a lower magnification and smaller lenses. That’s one factor to consider. Also, if you can live without some fancy features, such as stabilization technologies, the chances are that you will get a cheaper pair.

It must be mentioned that Fujinon offers better optics quality and overall advantages compared to other brands that make products in the same price range. So, even if a pair of binoculars from this company may sound expensive, if you look at the features, you might see they are cheaper than others with the same specs.


Accessories and warranty

Fujinon usually offers satisfactory warranties for its products, and, for some models, it even provides a lifetime limited warranty. As far as accessories go, not all products come with many extras, but you might get a case, covers for the eyepieces, a neck strap, or a rainguard.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where are Fujinon binoculars made?

Fujinon is a division belonging to Fujifilm that has as its primary purpose to produce optical equipment that is used in various areas and by different domains, such as medicine, photography, video, and television. The first binoculars made by Fujinon were launched on the market in 1947, part of the acclaimed Meibo series that became popular with consumers right away.

The headquarters for the division is located in Wayne, New Jersey, so at least some of the Fujinon binoculars you see in stores come from these US-based facilities. However, Fujinon has other workshops located in China and Japan.

From Fujinon military binoculars praised by people who work for the US army to those addressed to regular consumers, these optical devices have managed to earn the trust and praise of the audience. That is why they are considered a reliable option, whether for bird watching, traveling, or watching the stars above.



Q: Is Fujinon a good brand for binoculars?

Due to the long tradition mentioned earlier, but also other factors, Fujinon products enjoy an excellent reputation among consumers. They are known to be extremely durable, with a rugged appearance that inspires trust from the first glance. Especially people working in the marine-related field appreciate them for their ability to withstand the harshest conditions.

They are well sealed against moisture, and that makes them a hit with the category of buyers mentioned earlier. Obviously, in case you want to take such binoculars when camping or hiking, such traits will be helpful. Although Fujinon says that some models are only water-resistant, the nitrogen-purged construction and O-ring seals qualify them as waterproof and fog proof, too.

You may also notice that the hardware on Fujinon binoculars is all metal, which might make the devices heavier than others, but also sturdier. Hence, the excellent reputation of Fujinon continues to gain new followers.


Q: How do I clean my binoculars?

Binoculars usually come equipped with lenses that have layers of coating designed to reduce glare or to improve the sharpness of the image delivered. That means that being too rough with the lenses when trying to clean them will most probably result in damaged coatings, which will also reduce the performance of your binoculars.

To clean them properly, first use a soft brush to remove all the dust and debris from the lenses. A can of air can also be used. Never blow air from your mouth onto the lenses. The fine mist in your breath will cause damage to the coatings.

Next, use a Q-tip and cleaning solution designed for binoculars. Don’t use the same products you use for cleaning windows, for instance. If your binoculars are waterproof, you can rinse them under the tap. The next and final step is removing any moisture left with a microfiber cloth.



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