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Last Updated: 30.11.21


Flowmeters – Buying guide & Comparison


If you’re short on time and you just want to find the best flowmeter, this short paragraph should help you get exactly the model you need. According to our research the Ameriflame RF2480-320 is the best because it comes with a durable brass body and fittings constructed from the same rugged material so rust and corrosion is never a problem. The large 1.5 inch gauge is easy to read so you can take accurate measurements the first time. To add to its ability to provide you with precise readings there is also a tube that is designed to be “self centering”. Not only is this device a flowmeter, it is also designed to be a regulator. If the Ameriflame RF2480-320 is not available your second option should be the Blue White 2”.



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If you aren’t sure what a flow meter is, you are not alone. It is simply a device that measures the flow rate of a liquid or gas. There are several applications both at home and professionally where a flowmeter can be used, and there are also different types of meters to choose from. Finding the right meter for the job can be confusing, which is why we have included the following tips in our buying guide.


According to the best flowmeter reviews one of the first aspects to consider is the price. While the cost of the meter will often depend on the type, in most cases deciding on a set spending limit will help you narrow down your possible options. The price of the flow meter will also depend on its included functions and features, which means you can often find a basic model that is designed to fit most budgets.

The materials used in construction will affect its price, along with the quality of the flow meter. Some inexpensive flow meters might seem budget friendly, but if they are made from inferior materials they might not last long enough to be worth their low cost. This can also affect the accuracy of your readings which can result in expensive problems if the flow rate of a liquid is off. In most cases it will be worth it to spend a little extra money on a quality flowmeter.



When it comes to choosing the best flow meter you need to decide on the type. Variable area flow meters are the most common and can be used to measure liquids and gases. These meters are inexpensive, easy to use, and are often recommended for use at home. Spring and piston models are also incredibly simple to use, and are only priced slightly higher than ones that come with a float and tapered tube. There are also inexpensive gas flow meters which are designed to be used in specific applications.

If you are measuring the flow rate of wastewater you will probably want to choose an ultrasonic flow meter. Since you are not placing the meter is the potentially corrosive liquid you don’t have to worry about sensitive components being damaged. It should also be noted that these types of meters are priced a little higher since you are using ultrasonic vibrations to measure the flow rate of the liquid. Other types of flow meters designed for use with water include paddlewheel sensors and positive displacement models. If you are dealing with a straight pipe with gas or water a positive displacement flow meter might be the best choice for you.

If you are looking for an accurate flow meter that can be used with water and gas, you might want to consider a turbine one. In some cases you might need to measure conductive liquids, and a magnetic flow meter will usually provide accurate readings without any problems. You can also find several types of flow meters on the market that are designed to be used for specific applications, but these are generally intended for professional applications.



Once you have decided on the type of flow meter you will want to make sure that it is accurate. If the meter can’t accurately measure the flow rate it will basically be useless. Since there are several types of flow meters that can be used for the same applications, you can usually find one that is accurate and designed for your task. One aspect to consider is whether the flow meter comes with moving parts. Not only are these meters often priced higher than similar models, they also come with certain problems.

Moving parts are more prone to wear and tear, which means they can break without warning. In some cases a small piece can come loose, and you might not realize it until you notice your readings are off. Calibration is also more difficult when there are several moving parts and this will affect the meter’s accuracy. Another problem is that changes in temperature can cause parts of the flow meter to shrink or expand. When this happens parts can come loose, rendering the meter useless until it can be repaired. In most cases experts recommend choosing a flow meter with as few moving parts as possible, unless there is not another option.


If your budget will allow it there are a few features you might want to consider that can make the flow meter easier and more convenient to use. Large dials and digital displays are easier to read, which is always an advantage. Models that come with handy instructional manuals ensure that you know how to properly use the flow meter, and this is important if you want to be able to take accurate readings. You can also find flow meters that double as regulators, which is always a convenient option.



5 Best Flowmeters (Reviews) in 2021


If you have liquid running through pipes chances are you can benefit from the use of a flow meter, and there are several models to choose from. While we can’t pick the right model for you we can help you make an informed decision, which is why we have the best flow meter showcased below.



1. Ameriflame RF2480-320 CO2 Flowmeter Regulator with Single Stage CGA320 Inlet


1.Ameriflame RF2480-320 CO2If you are looking for the best flow meter for gas this might be the perfect product for you. It is designed for use with CO2 and argon gases that are commonly used in welding applications.

Since CO2 is widely used in different fields, this flow meter is great for use at work or home. It also comes at an affordable price that will fit most budgets.

It’s compact size makes it easy to store and carry when it is not being used. This flow meter also comes with a brass construction so it is durable, long lasting and resistant to corrosion. To ensure an accurate reading every time the tube is designed to be “self centering”.

A small ball is centered in the tube so levels stay even. You will also appreciate the 1.5 inch gauge that is easy to read, along with the clear markings on the flow tube.

Not only can you use this as a flow meter, but it is also designed to function as a regulator.


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2. BlueWhite F30200P  40-150 GPM Flow Meter


2.Blue-White FlowmeterOften considered the best flow meter for water, you can rest assured that you will always get consistent and accurate readings every time you use it.

One of the advantages associated with this meter is that it comes with a machined body that is constructed from a durable PVC material.

The sturdy tube is resistant to cracks and breaks, and since it is clear it is easy to see if the liquid is at an even level. You will also appreciate the printed markings on the tube that make it easy for you to get an accurate reading.

Since the internal parts are resistant to corrosion, this flow tube requires very little maintenance. This ensures that it is durable for most commercial applications, while also being easy to use at home.

You will also appreciate how easy it is to calibrate so you can rest assured that every reading is accurate. With the ability to measure 40 to 150 gallons of water per minute, you can even use this flow meter in a commercial swimming pool.


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3. Sparc Argon CO2 Flowmeter and Regulator MIG TIG 0-60CFH CGA580 Inlet 2YR 


One of the best things about this choice is that it is compatible with a plethora of gas bottles ranging from those with argon to those with nitrogen or argon and CO2. The output flow of this alternative can be adjusted by the user within the range of 10 to 60 cubic feet per hour.

The pressure gauge that will display just how much gas remains in the tank goes from zero to four thousand PSI. Seeing how this particular flowmeter does not rely on the use of a diaphragm, it is considered more reliable compared to many of its competitors, especially flow-gauge style regulators.

The pack comes with a set of adapter fittings as well as the main unit. There’s a one-year warranty you can take advantage of in case you run into any issues regarding the performance of the product.

Most of those who have opted for this flowmeter say that it seems to be good for the price.



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4. Blue-White Flowmeter for 1-1/2″ PVC Pipe


The Blue-White option is another one you should keep in mind if you are in the market for a flowmeter for measuring the water flow in a pipe system that is closed.

The tube comes with a one-piece acrylic meter body that has been outfitted with internal parts which are resistant to corrosion. The permanently printed scale is another benefit you ought to take into consideration given that the numbers will withstand the test of time.

It’s also worth noting that the range of this alternative is ten to seventy gallons per minute. You do not need any extra accessories in order to install this particular unit seeing how it comes with mounting clamps, as well as a gasket seal.

Having been made of high-quality materials, the flowmeters in this series seem to be reliable. Most customers say that, after two weeks of continuous use, they did not notice any leaks.



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5. Fill-Rite 820 1″ 2-20 GPM  Digital Nutating Disc Fuel Transfer Meter


4.Fill-Rite 820With the ability to measure the flow rate of most chemicals and fluids, except gasoline, this might be the only meter you need at home or work. It comes with a durable construction that can withstand the rigors associated with most in and outdoor applications, which makes this flow meter a good value for your money.

The sturdy polypropylene body is resistant to cracks and breaks and when it is combined with the FKM seals leaks won’t be a problem. For added durability the internal components are constructed from stainless steel so they are resistant to rust and corrosion.

The digital display is easy to see so you can take accurate readings. You can also program the meter to show the flow rate in ounces, pints, quarts, liters or gallons which eliminates the need for conversions. The display is powered by two AA batteries, and these will need to be replaced at regular intervals.

With the ability to accurately measure flow rates from 2 to 20 gallons per minute within plus or minus two percent, it is easy to see why this meter is a popular choice with consumers.


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Unavailable products


Flomec GPI


3.FLOMEC GPI TM200-NIf you are looking for the good flow meter for water this model by Flomec might be exactly what you need. It is designed to fit most 2 inch pipe openings, and it is incredibly easy to install.

Simply thread the flow meter onto the pipe and it will do the rest. It should also be mentioned that it is a turbine style water flow meter which makes it a perfect choice is you are working with straight pipes.Since it is constructed from a single piece of durable PVC plastic it is accurate, long lasting and well worth its slightly higher price.

You will appreciate the bright digital display that is easy to read in dark places. This also helps to ensure the accuracy of your readings.

There is a small button to make calibration quick and easy, even after the meter is threaded onto the pipe. With an accuracy rating plus or minus 3 percent and the ability to measure water flows up to 200 gallons per minute, this meter might be just what you need in your home or commercial workshop.



Philips Respironics Hs755


There are several reasons why this is often considered the best peak flow meter, starting with its affordable price. It is also rated safe for oral use by children and adults.

If you or someone in your family suffers from asthma, this flow meter might be just what they need to help them manage their symptoms and medication.

You will appreciate how easy it is to use, simply move the tabs on the meter. SInce there are two sets of tabs you can use one to mark personal bests or set a goal. Since this flow meter is designed to be used orally you will appreciate how easy it is to keep clean.

It can be hand washed or tossed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. When the meter is not being used you can keep it safe in the protective case, which also doubles as a stand or handle.

This makes it easier to breath into the tube so you can accurately track air flow. If you or someone you know has asthma or another chronic breathing condition, this flow meter might be just what they are looking for.




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