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Barska NVX100 3x Night Vision with Built in Camera – Review

Last Updated: 30.11.21



Main technical features


The 3x magnification allows nighttime viewing that also brings closer the subjects you intend to monitor with the help of your monocular.

With the help of the infrared illuminator, you will be able to identify targets at distances up to 328 feet.

You can quickly hook up the monocular with other devices so that you can examine the image caught by the unit with the help of a larger screen.

Recording videos and snapping pictures is possible, and the unit comes equipped with a 4GB micro SD card for easy storage; you can transfer the media files to other devices with ease.

A wide array of useful accessories is provided; in the same package, you will find a mini USB cable, an AV cable, a carrying case, and a neck strap that makes it easy for you to move your monocular around.


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In-depth information


Using optics equipment in the dark is not possible unless the items you’re using come adequately appointed with all that is needed for nighttime viewing. In this case, the model comes with an infrared illuminator that allows you to use the monocular as a surveillance unit, or simply, for examining your surroundings in low light or no light conditions. As it has a 3x magnification, the monocular allows you to bring subjects close to you, and it can identify targets that are located up to 328 feet away from you. As far as the infrared illuminator is concerned, you will get excellent performance; for proper usage of the magnification feature, make sure to use the provided user manual.

This Barska monocular is compact, so you will not have any problems with moving it around. Also, it is lightweight, compared to other models in the same category, which can be seen as a great plus by those who are interested in a piece of equipment that they can have easy access to without any bother. One of the most significant advantages, however, is the fact that you can use this monocular to take pictures, and even record videos. To view the videos or photos you take, you can use the screen of the monocular, but, just as easy, you can hook up the monocular with a TV or a PC. This will allow you to record and transfer your media files. Plus, the model comes with a 4GB micro SD as internal storage, for maximum convenience.

You will get some nice accessories with your purchase, which is a big plus. For instance, you can make use of the carrying case to move your monocular around without fear of damaging it. Also, you can use the neck strap if you want to have the monocular at hand. The necessary cables to connect it to other devices are also readily available in the same package.


Known issues

There are observations about the digital zoom being grainy, but the same users say that, for the price, the overall performance of this particular model is still outstanding.


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